Friday, 19 June 2009

Following Jesus

I often think about my faith.

I came to believe in the Christian God aged 8, having experienced something "other-worldly" on a school trip to a local church. Having experienced this odd feeling, I reasoned that it happened in a church (that I had been in many times before) so, perhaps going to a church would provide the answer. To cut a long story very short - I became a Christian.

That was eighteen years ago. In the last year, I have really been struggling with what it means to follow Jesus Christ. I have been looking at the church and seeing mass hypocrisy. I have seen rich people backing up their ideal of "good behaviour". I have seen poor people find a crutch to lean on. I have seen lots of people happy to join a "club" and try everything they can to get others to join this "club". What I haven't seen much of is the real problems in the world tackled by the people that should be tackling them.

There is a quote on the latest Delirious album which simply states:
"If it's not acceptable in the kingdom of heaven, then it's not acceptable here."
How many Christians believe this? Let me ask you this question (and "being a Christian" has no moral leverage here) - "What are you doing to change the sorry state of this world?"

The only thing I would say to Christians is that we have no excuse to do nothing. The good news we have isn't just a "social gospel" - but (among other things) it is a social gospel.

There are people in this world that need help. What are you actually doing for them?


dwm said...

Hey Lewis- very much with ya on that one. After doing some detailed research on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, I feel I am discovering a new understanding of us Christians not bringing God into the world, but actually joining Him in the world where He is at work though Jesus Christ...

"action in accordance with Christ action in accord with reality" (Bonhoeffer)

so the challenge begins...

Steve Martin said...

As Luther said, "We are perfectly free lords...subject to none. And dutiful servants, subject to all."

Lewis J. Boulton said...

Thanks for the comment Steve. I believe I have seen you before on NP's blog?

Anyway, Luther's comment is a great quote. I just hope that, as a church, we don't feel satisfied by only reading them.