Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Birmingham Christian College

שָׁלוֹם לָכֶם

"Shalom Lakem" (Peace to you!)

Today was my first day of lecturing Hebrew at my old bible college. Though being excruciatingly nervous to begin with, it went well - in fact, I may have even been caught enjoying myself for the second half of the lecture... It was a coming together of three things that I have been wanting to be involved in for a while now; namely, the Hebrew language, lecturing, and Birmingham Christian College. For all three to take place at the same time is something of a shock, but something I am extremely happy and excited about.

Birmingham Christian College

B.C.C. has been through many changes in it's life - even the beginning of B.C.C. was a merger of two previous colleges (Birmingham Bible Institute and Springdale College). More recently, since I graduated, the college had moved to another premises (a far bigger premises) and began life under the new Principle Dr Raymond Pfister. I am not sure of all the details, but the Principle has now moved on to other things and the college is now in a stage of transition between the old way of doing things, and the new. The post of principle has been made redundant and the college is now being run by a managing team (which is going well, I understand). A combination of this and a massive flood in the east block over the holidays has made the first week back somewhat hectic - but nothing that is proving too difficult.

Many people are talking about how good it is to be a part of a "new beginning" and how the college is now "starting something new" etc. etc. however, what strikes me is not the new beginning, but the continuation of the story of the college. It has been through some pretty rough times over the decades, yet still it is there, making disciples, training leaders, confusing students and changing the world (well, at least changing the people who change the world...). It's a fascinating "journey" (please excuse the 'buzz words') the college has been on - though, I use the word literally - the college has actually been moved around Birmingham numerous times! Now it is moving in a more non-physical way. However you look at it - it is a pleasure to be involved with. I am looking forward to finding out what part I might play in the "morrow" of B.C.C.

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